There are many different reasons why you might find yourself in the middle of a business dispute. When you feel like you have not gotten the service or product you paid for, my law office is here to offer helpful solutions to resolve your dispute. My law firm focuses mostly on business contracts like equipment and vehicle leases. Whether you are a business owner or homeowner treated unjustly, my law office has the experience to handle your case and walk you through the legal process.

Common Business Disputes

Disputes can happen over the wording or carrying out of contracts, for example. Partnerships may dissolve quickly because agreements at the outset of the partnership were not properly drafted and therefore leave a wide margin for error. Businesses might even face disputes from employees directly. No matter how these start, a business dispute can be problematic.

When employees or business owners have to address an ongoing dispute, this causes expenses, frustration, and even lost productivity. The best way to avoid disputes in the first place is to use comprehensive legal agreements and contracts. However, even well-written contracts cannot always eradicate the potential for a dispute. This is why it’s important to have a relationship with a business lawyer in New Hampshire to help you address disputes in a timely and effective manner.


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The Role Agreements Play in Business Disputes

Agreements, whether or not they are written down, form the core of every transaction.  You make countless unwritten agreements in any average working day. You buy coffee; you share a taxi; you make travel arrangements.  Agreements are always being discussed; you negotiate terms; you engage in commercial relationships.

These layers of contractual transactions number in the millions each day and form the financial backbone of this country.

Contact law serves many purposes in the U.S. business landscape today, including that it:

  • provides security for the legal obligations that contracting parties owe each other;
  • provides assurances that parties will receive what they want from their transaction;
  • provides for compensation for injury or damage resulting from the transaction.

Since agreements are subject to individual interpretation, a lawyer often becomes necessary --- to make sure that people receive their intended benefit, and that they suffer no harm.

Builders, Farmers, Merchants, Shop Owners and others have found help over the years by calling me when a deal just didn't sound right, didn't look right, didn't feel right, didn't work right. Sorting out all the issues, and making the transaction work - that's what I do.

Business Law Basics

This country has always depended on healthy commerce, people exchanging their labor or their knowledge for things they need.  A person with an idea for something that may support them and their family develops a "business" -  starting with a plan, and then committing to make that plan work.  With small successes, a business may need additional employees;  more production space; contracts for items and expertise to drive the business, and to produce and market business products or services.

Countless business owners, employees, landowners, merchants, craft workers, laborers all find work and reward through the operation of this simple business model that lies at the heart of this country's economic life.  

I welcome the opportunity to contribute my legal abilities to healthy and responsible business.


Business Dispute Attorney in Concord, New Hampshire

When you find yourself in need of solid contracts or need help to manage a business dispute in NH, having a lawyer you can count on can make a big difference. Contact me today to schedule a consultation to get your business matters sorted out.