Like all states in the U.S., Hampshire has laws against trespass and burglary. Burglary refers to entering a building with the intention to commit a crime inside. The purpose of these laws is to protect individuals from others who may come into workplaces, homes or other property without permission. New Hampshire takes burglary charges very seriously, which is why it is so important to retain an experienced burglary attorney if you find yourself being accused of this crime.

Spelling Out Burglary Laws 

Burglary has traditionally been defined as breaking and entering into someone's home with the intention to commit a felony. However, many states have eliminated these requirements and defined burglary as entering any building without permission with the intent of committing a crime inside. New Hampshire's laws explained that burglary can be caused by anyone entering any occupied structure or building without permission with the intention of carrying out a crime inside. An occupied structure refers to any vehicle, place adapted for business or for sleeping, or a structure.

Even you can be accused of Burglary.

In a context of a divorce reentering a home to steal a kiss from your ex-spouse or remove some belongings can be classified as a burglary. Returning to your workplace after hours to replenish your personal office supplies can be classified as a burglary. Entering a relative's home to take an item that you believe belongs to you can be classified as a burglary. And in any such burglary if the item is a firearm then the penalties double.


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Aggravated Burglary or Home Invasion Burglary

Some burglaries can be classified as even more serious crimes. In New Hampshire, burglary can be punished with more severe penalties if the dwelling or individual belongs to another person and this happens at night, typically referred to as a home invasion burglary. Any location where people sleep or live could be classified as a dwelling. A burglary may also lead to escalated charges and more severe penalties if the defendant was armed with a deadly weapon or an explosive that ultimately inflicts bodily injury on any other person during the crime or the escape.

If you have recently been accused of burglary in New Hampshire, you may be facing up to 20 years in prison if you committed burglary with a firearm. Aggravated burglary is usually named as a Class A felony with up to seven years in prison and fines of up to $4000. Other burglaries may be categorized as a Class B felony with up to seven years in prison and fines of up to $2000. Getting an experienced attorney to help you sooner rather than later is essential.


Burglary Defense Attorney in Concord, New Hampshire

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