I get the facts straight

I don't do paint-by-number law. If I say that there is a problem with your case then you know what I am saying is real. 

Criminal Defense Attorney in Concord, New Hampshire

Working hard for the best possible outcome for my clients from day one.

I know the courts, and the personnel know me.

I have a good reputation with them and they understand who I am and how I operate.

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My reputation in the community is a solid one for working hard on your behalf and keeping you informed from the outset of our professional relationship together.

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I know that the facts and a realistic perspective are important, and that’s why I strive to keep you aware of potential challenges and issues throughout the duration of your case.

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When you hire a business or criminal defense lawyer, you want to know that someone is dedicated to getting the right outcome for you with aggressive tactics.

Protect yourself against a conviction

Talk to me first, not the police

Exercise your constitutional rights and don’t provide any statements to the police until you’ve spoken with me. You could otherwise be compromising your defense case. Silence when dealing with police is almost always the best plan.

Recognize reality

When you’re accused of a crime, you have a lot to worry about. Being aware of the reality of the situation should not be one more cause for concern. Your criminal defense lawyer will keep you informed about case problems and obstacles. If you rely on the advice on anyone besides an experienced criminal defense lawyer, you risk everything.

Hire an experienced attorney

A criminal conviction could shape the course of your entire future. It’s not something that should be left to chance- when experience counts, call me.

A criminal charge can damage your reputation. Act swiftly.

You deserve clear and honest answers

I’m upfront and I’ll tell you what to do. I have years of experiencing handling cases just like yours and I can prepare you for what to expect and advise you about next steps. You should never be left wondering what’s going on with your case or the potential options available to you.

Your future is on the line and I take my responsibility at your lawyer seriously. When you hire an attorney, it should be someone you can trust with your future and the protection of your rights during the criminal justice process.

Communication is key. Being able to determine what’s in your best interest can only happen if you have a lawyer who is willing to make that their top priority. You should be kept informed for the duration of your case.

I’ll tell you the options and explain which ones will have the best result. You need to be able to make educated decisions in your case. That means working with a lawyer who cares deeply about your situation now and well into the future. You need someone who is committed to helping you from the start.

The right lawyer can make a big difference for the outcome of your case. That’s a responsibility you should trust to someone who has handled cases like yours before. Your future is well worth protecting and the best way to prepare a defense strategy is to hire a lawyer who will dedicate themselves to it.

Don’t make the mistake of assuming that all criminal lawyers are the same - find the one who makes the effort on your behalf in terms of an aggressive representation.